JERSEY CITY - A crime ridden area of one Hudson County city is getting a makeover.

The Jersey City mayor’s office has announced it will focus on the Greenville section of the city, attempting to bring it back to the vibrant commercial district it once was.

Many residents say the Greenville section has changed over the years. The streets used to be lined with dress stops and drugs stories, most of which have closed. Residents say many of the shop owners grew old and retired.

Overtime, crime spread to the area, making many feel unsafe.

"Greenville is an area that has struggled as it relates to crime and investment,” says Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop. “In order to correct a neighborhood, the first thing is safety, so we put tremendous amount of resources on the police front."

City Hall is calling it a renaissance and will focus on the 10-block Ocean Avenue South Business District.

The project will include rezoning the area to allow new commercial and residential development. Members of the community have formed the South Greenville Neighborhood Association to help bring the community back.

Mayor Fulop hopes to have investors taking tours of the new area by summer time.