JERSEY CITY - Officials in Jersey City are putting owners of parked cars on notice as they aggressively work to clear snow from city streets.

Mayor Steven Fulop says the city will ticket or remove cars that are impeding those efforts on main roads, specifically those still covered in snow.

Fulop says more than enough time has passed for cars to have been cleared off and moved. City officials say clearing the streets benefits everyone, and they will tow the cars that have been neglected.

"If you're parked in a crosswalk or on top of a catch basin at the corner, which we've seen, parked where a firetruck or an ambulance can't get by, we're at the point where we're gonna move you," Fulop says.

The city wants to clear out as many catch basins as possible, a task that's increasingly important as the snow begins to melt.

Fulop promises city crews will also fill as many potholes as they can beginning Thursday.

Jersey City has spent all of its $2 million snow removal budget. One city official says the city is paying contractors $300,000 a day to remove snow.