JERSEY CITY - A mother is behind bars facing six counts of child endangerment, after authorities say she abandoned her six children.

Officials say a pair of teenage girls found the abandoned children and decided to help. Nilajah Wyatt, 17, and Aaliyah Glover, 16, say they spotted five of the children playing in the street Tuesday afternoon.

The teens say two of the siblings had on diapers and one had a winter jacket on in the 80-degree heat. They say they went into the house to find a 2-year-old inside. The girls say a 14-year-old sibling was among the children, but she's autistic and was unable to care for all of her siblings.

The girls looked after the brothers and sisters for seven hours, hoping the mother would return and then called police. The girls say they did spot the mother down the street after authorities showed up, but she later disappeared.