JERSEY CITY - A Jersey City resident is in critical condition after becoming the latest victim of a so-called knockout attack.

Family members tell News 12 New Jersey that Anthony Jackson is hospitalized in a coma after he was confronted by seven teens and was then punched in the head. They say that Jackson had just walked out of a store located at the base of his apartment building when he was attacked.

Jackson was treated for an aneurysm in the past, according to his brother, who says that this likely made his head injury worse when he hit his head on the sidewalk.

“They hit him. He fell back and not knowing that he already had an aneurysm in his head, that's what did the blow,” the brother says.

A person who witnessed the attack was able to identify a suspect for police. Jersey City police have arrested Gerald Rosario, 19, and charged him for allegedly punching Jackson. 

The other teens involved were also identified. It was not immediately known if they will face any charges.