JERSEY CITY - Officials hope new bike lanes being installed throughout Jersey City will help cyclists navigate the busy streets, but not everyone is happy about where they are located.

Doug Gallue gets around by bike in the city and couldn't be happier. "That's amazing - and it's about time," he says.

By summertime, Mayor Steven Fulop says there should be more than 30 miles of bike lanes across the city. "It's great to have people living healthy," he says. "Get cars off the street, create a greener city. And bikes are all part of that."

The riders say they love their new lanes, but some say the city has them riding on the wrong side of the street.

Rodney Morweiser, owner of Grove Street Bikes, says putting the lanes on the right side of one-way streets is dangerous. "Some people think the bike lanes should be on the left side of one-way streets just to help prevent people from getting doored, which is basically when someone swings a door open and they don't look," he says. 

But Morweiser feels any bike lane is a good bike lane, and that education is the key. 

Fulop says the city followed federal safety guidelines when deciding where to paint the lines. "Every single street was an individual decision and we had someone who put a lot of time into this," Fulop says.

With more people getting on bikes in Jersey City, riders say the bike lanes, no matter where they are located, will help them get where they're going safely.

"Honestly I'm happy to have anything that says this is my lane, this is where I can go," Gallue says.

The mayor says all 31 miles of bike lane should be installed by June. 

The city is creating the bike lanes in conjunction with a new bike share program that allows people to rent bikes for a few hours at a time. Jersey City will have a total of 800 bikes, making it the largest bike share program in the country.