JERSEY CITY - Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop has only been in office for 10 days, but he says he has already begun to "change the culture" inside his administration.

In recent weeks, two city employees have been accused of crimes, including misusing public property.

Fulop says the alleged activity is embarrassing to his office as well as to the people of Jersey City. "It leads me to assume that this type of culture has been rampant for some time," he says.

Audits, new managers and zero tolerance policies will replace a system that Fulop claims allowed bad behaviors to slide if the employees knew the right people.

Part of the new plan is to install GPS units in all of the city vehicles to ensure that employees who are supposed to be at work are working.

Fulop says public worker unions may have a problem with his willingness to fire employees, but that discipline needs to be part of the solution.

Both of the city employees accused of crimes are facing charges, according to Fulop, and will likely lose their jobs.