JERSEY CITY - A Jersey City resident wants to build a pedestrian bridge spanning from the Jersey City waterfront to Manhattan.

Kevin Shane is hoping his plan comes to life, but he knows the trouble that will come along with it.

"I did speak to a bunch of different engineers, builders, bridge developers, and it's hard to say," says Kevin Shane. "They even said it's very difficult ... once you start working with the government, things can change rapidly."

As for the dimensions, Shane is basing it off another well-known bridge.

"Essentially it needs to be about 200 plus, a little over 200 feet high," says Shane. "I think the George Washington Bridge is 212 feet off the water. You have to pretty much be at that height to get the maritime traffic underneath."

Shane hopes to privately fund the bridge, similar to MetLife Stadium. He says the bridge could have its own corporate name as well as contributions from private citizens.

As for now, Shane is trying to build excitement and support for the bridge.