JERSEY CITY - The Jersey City City Council is putting a stop to all PSEG projects in the city until they and the utility company can come to an agreement on repaving projects.

Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop says PSEG crews dig up city streets to perform maintenance on the underground infrastructure, which leaves the city in disrepair.

Mayor Fulop and city officials say the company would not do the same in New Jersey's more affluent communities.

"PSEG wouldn't do this in Short Hills. They wouldn't do it in Chatham, New Jersey. They wouldn't do it in an affluent area," says Mayor Fulop. "They do this instead in Newark. They do this in East Orange. They do this in Paterson, and they do it here in Jersey City."

In a statement to News 12 New Jersey, PSEG spokeswoman Karen Johnson says, "We are reviewing all work and will complete repairs according to our road construction plain approved by the city. In restoring roads, we follow the ordinance in effect in each municipality."

Mayor Fulop is also calling on New Jersey's lawmakers to improve standards statewide.