JERSEY CITY - A mystery was unlocked at Jersey City Hall Tuesday, as two small safes were opened for the first time in decades.

Jersey City Hall has had its share of colorful characters and corruption scandals throughout its history, and staff there was enticed by what might be locked inside two safes.

There was a vault, an inner vault, then two small safes, which are believed to have been used for valuable items. They were most likely installed in the 1940s when political boss Frank Hague was mayor.

Mayor Steven Fulop says the building was built in the late 1800s and "has a tremendously colorful history with a large number of mayors that left abruptly." Many of those mayors left office directly for jail.

The combination was lost, and a safe cracker was brought in Tuesday to open them. The event drew dozens of reporters as the mayor turned open the safes one by one.

The first was empty, and the second, larger one contained only an extension cord.

No word on why it was there, or how old it is, but it is possibly from the 1970s or 80s.

The space where the safes were located had been used as a storage closet for years, and was recently cleaned out when the new mayor took office.

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