JERSEY CITY - A last-minute shipment of rock salt arrived in Jersey City just hours before another storm was predicted to strike, but officials there are saying it may not be enough.

"For a normal snowstorm, the city uses about 800 tons," says Mayor Steven Fulop. "So this will get us through one more storm and then we'll be back in the same place."

The mayor says the city will prioritize which streets get covered, so some streets will not get salt.

Major cross-town streets and those on treacherous hillsides will be salted first, according to the mayor.

The salt shortage brings no comfort to the city's residents who are still digging out from last Thursday's storm.

Jose Tosta has had a car stuck in a local parking lot for three days. "And they didn't do a good job cleaning it, so it's nothing but ice underneath now," he says. "And I can't get it out."

Fulop says deliveries that normally take two days are taking more than two weeks.