JERSEY CITY - With the high school football season kicking off around the state this week, a Pop Warner team from Jersey City is remembering a former teammate.

Jermaine Woodward Jr. was killed in June. He was standing in a bicycle lane outside his father's girlfriend's house when he was struck by a speeding car. He died the next day.

The 8-year-old was a star wide receiver and cornerback for the Jersey City Gators.

Woodward's father, a coach, says he had dreams of his son playing prep school football in the city. "That's what we did -- played football," he says.

To honor Woodward, his No. 19 jersey was raised to the sky, and he was praised by his teachers and coaches, who called him an intelligent leader with a kind heart.

About a month after Woodward was struck, a local civic league asked the city to install speedbumps on Bostwick Avenue, but they have yet to be put in place.

The driver accused of hitting Woodward is facing reckless driving charges.