JERSEY CITY - Officials are hoping for a lot more "action" in Jersey City, with changes in city ordinances that will make it easier for production companies to film there.

Mayor Steven Fulop says the permit process in the city has become a hassle and that lucrative films and TV shows have moved to more hospitable New Jersey towns.

Fulop is asking the city council to approve a faster, online application. He believes welcoming the industry to Jersey City will leave a lasting impression.

"There is an economic impact for it, a branding impact from it," Fulop says. "There's a lot of different positives."

Michael Billy and Jarl Haugedal own a production company in Jersey City and say the community is a great place to shoot projects.

"Amazing views, great people, diversity, every block it's a different story," Billy says.

The city council will vote on the film ordinance Wednesday night. If passed, it will go into effect within just a couple of weeks.