JERSEY CITY - The owner of a Jersey City bar says a sanitation worker demanded free drinks in exchange for taking away the bar's recycling.

Wolf Sterling, owner of The Pint, says the Aug. 13 incident was caught on the bar's security camera. In the footage, the worker is seen coming into the bar and speaking with a bartender. The worker allegedly tells the bartender he would like free drinks in exchange for taking away the recycling; a request the bartender denies.

The worker then apparently comes back two weeks later with a friend and makes the same request. Thomas Demaio, general manager of The Pint says he couldn't believe it happened.

"You really can't believe it. Especially that he would try something like this and think he wouldn't get caught in this day in age, with cellphones and security cameras."

In a statement to News 12 New Jersey, a spokesperson for Jersey City says, "We're not surprised that the Incinerator Authority is being accused of something like this. It's an extremely corrupt organization. Which is why Mayor Fulop has been working to shut it down for years."

According to Sterling, the worker was employed by Regional Industries, which contracts with the Jersey City Incinerator Authority to haul away Jersey City garbage and recycling. On his Facebook page, Sterling says he was told that the employee has been fired.

News 12 New Jersey has not been able to independently confirm this claim. Calls to Regional Industries and Jersey City Incinerator Authority for comment were not returned.

Sterling says that media coverage of the incident was the only reason this issue with sanitation got any traction.