JEFFERSON TOWNSHIP - Several viral videos are making the rounds on the Internet showing a bear walking around like a human in Jefferson Township. 

Ian Bohman, 22, shot one of the videos when he spotted the bear Monday morning in the Oak Ridge section of the township.  

In the video, the bear was seen rummaging through trash and then wandering into the woods.

Bohman says he's seen plenty of bears, but none walking on two legs. "This one is different," he says. "The front paw's injured, and I guess it learned to walk on two legs incredibly well - just crazy."

Many people who have seen the video are skeptical, saying it just looks like a person dressed as a bear.

Bohman and his mom are convinced it was real.

Woodlands Wildlife Refuge says it has been monitoring the animal.  They say the animal is young, and likely walking like that because it's injured. They say it appears to be healthy otherwise, and if left alone will likely heal on its own.