BRICK - One of New Jersey’s electric companies is trying to figure out a way to stop Jersey Shore ospreys and other birds from electrocuting themselves on power lines.

The ospreys were once considered endangered in New Jersey, but have since been thriving. Howe3ver the birds have been known to perch on power lines and poles in Brick, and it is proving to be deadly.

Five ospreys have been electrocuted along the Barnegat Bay in the last year and about a dozen other berets were also killed after they landed on the utility poles. They are electrocuted when they touch the electrical conductors.

Employees of Beaton Boatyard worry more birds could die, especially considering there are several more ospreys nesting in the area.  

A spokesperson for Jersey Central Power & Light tells News 12 New Jersey, "A crew was just out looking at options to fix the problem. These protected animals are of utmost importance to us."

The utility company says that it will insulate conductors and add a cover. They may also build a perch one the utility pole. The power will need to be cut off to work on this project, so JCP&L is working with area property owners to find the right time.

Osprey were listed as "endangered" animals by the New Jersey Division of Fish & Wildlife in 1974, with only a few dozen nests in the state. After efforts to restore their nests, osprey were down listed to "threatened" status in 1985 where they still remain.