LAKEWOOD - A cat shot by an arrow last week is recovering at Jersey Shore Veterinary Emergency Service in Lakewood after a three-hour surgery six days ago.

An X-ray shows the arrow that went through Jade's body, puncturing her liver, and barely missing her aorta and heart.

Jade's surgeon, Dr. Laura Cromal, is amazed at her recovery. "I'm surprised she survived, even coming in there was about a foot of an arrow sticking out of her side," she says.

"She's meowing, she's happy. I'm blown away... She's very lucky," says technician Kelly Burns.

The 2 ½-year-old tabby is on antibiotics, pain medicine and steroids. Her veterinary team is cautiously optimistic about her prognosis and hopeful for her future.

Jade is micro-chipped and was traced back to her registered owner, a woman at Winding Brook Mobile Homes in Howell, where Jade was found injured. It's unclear if she'll be caring for Jade going forward.

There have been no arrests yet in this alleged case of animal cruelty.