JACKSON - A Jackson Township mother says that she is furious after her son was dropped off at the wrong bus stop.

Fifth-grader Matthew Iacobone usually gets dropped off in front of his home. However, his mother Jean says that last week a substitute bus driver passed their house and dropped Matthew off elsewhere.

“He came rolling into my driveway in a stranger’s car that I don’t know,” she says. “I still don’t know where she lives.”

Last Friday, Matthew was picked up at Elms Elementary School in Jackson. The bus driver, who apparently did not know the route, dropped Matthew and a classmate off about a half-mile away from where the stop is. According to Jean Iacobone, the other child’s mother drove Matthew home. She says the driver should have never released her son to anyone without her permission.

“Bus drivers are responsible for hundreds of kids every single day,” Jean Iacobone says. “What if that happened to someone else and that car didn’t bring the children home?”

According to the Jackson School Superintendent Stephen Genco, the driver was not a contracted employee of the district.

"It’s evident procedures were not followed,” Genco tells News 12 New Jersey in a statement. “They were supposed to loop around and go back.  Disciplinary action will be taken."

Genco says he cannot comment on if that driver will be used again.

Iacobone says that all drivers should be better trained.