JACKSON - A fire broke out in Jackson late Monday night, leaving 44 people homeless.

News 12 New Jersey spoke to the Muchas, who were victims of the blaze. The family won't be able to salvage anything from their apartment, but they are still staying positive.

Judy Mucha battled uterine cancer and Mark Mucha retired early because of his hip problems. The couple also needs dialysis three times a week. They moved to their apartment in October so Mark wouldn't have to climb the stairs. The couple spoke thankfully about the Red Cross, who put them up at the Freehold Radisson. The couple, who has been married for 35 years, and its son have chosen to remain positive.

The preliminary investigation reveals the fire was started by a cigarette. The Muchas say they hope to have another apartment to settle down in within a week or so.

Dozens left homeless after fire in Jackson