JACKSON - After bouncing from shelter to shelter, a Seaside Heights family has a place to stay free of charge, thanks to the kindness of a Jackson family.

Robert Booth of Jackson keeps a 30-foot travel trailer that comfortably sleeps seven in his driveway. He wanted to avail it to someone affected by Sandy, but all of his calls to agencies fell through.

Booth decided, instead, to head to a shelter to make the offer himself. Once inside, he met G. Waldo Meads, Dorothy Depaulo and their 8-year-old daughter. The family had lost their home in Seaside Heights, and had been moving from shelter to shelter since the storm hit. Their daughter had just celebrated her 8th birthday, and as her parents say, her only wish was for was a place to call home.

Booth made the offer of the trailer, and the family took him up on it. Now, they have a roof over their heads, power, and a safe and comfortable place for their child.

The two families say they've become more like extended family, with Depaolo saying the random act of kindness was "like a godsend."

Robert Booth's daughter, Kelsey, was so inspired by her father's actions that she posted the story to News 12 New Jersey's Facebook page.

Since then, the post has earned more than 11,000 likes - and counting.