BERGENFIELD - A 10-year-old boy in Bergenfield says News 12 New Jersey is his favorite channel.

We caught up with Jack Arthur, who has autism, as he worked on his taekwondo.

His family says News 12 is a great motivator.   

"Sometimes it's hard to get their effort up," says taekwondo instructor Kerry Escamilla. "You can get them to do the movements, but to get them to do them with effort is different. So we use motivators like News 12."

His mom agrees. "It's very important," says Jack's mom, Christine Arthur. "Jack does very well with different motivators.  And News 12 seems to be one of the ones that works for Jack."

Jack performs taekwondo to improve his motor skills. He started more than a year ago, and now he's stronger and more confident.

His mom says he also has a longer attention span.