NEW BRUNSWICK - Johnson & Johnson is recalling another lot of Tylenol products due to a musty odor which has already triggered five other recalls of the company's over-the-counter medicines.

The New Brunswick-based company says the latest recall involves more than 34,000 bottles of Tylenol 8 Hour Extended Release, which were distributed throughout the U.S. All of the bottles are from a single lot.

The odor is thought to be caused by trace amounts of a chemical used to treat wooden pallets on which bottles are stored and shipped.

The company also expanded a Jan. 14 recall of various Tylenol, Benadryl, Sudafed and Rolaids packages distributed to wholesalers across the U.S. The latest action adds an additional 717,000 packets to the 47 million recalled in January.

The recalled product includes :

Product Name Lot Number UPC Code TYLENOL® 8 HOUR EXTENDED RELEASE CAPLET 150 count ADM074 300450297181

The lot number for the recalled product can be found on the side of the bottle label.

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