POINT PLEASANT BEACH - Jenkinson's, the largest employer in Point Pleasant Beach, says some locals are coming down too hard on the business that provides so much.

Jenkinson's boardwalk business, complete with an aquarium and rides, attracts huge crowds to Point Pleasant Beach. With those crowds come tax dollars for the borough, revenues from parking and tickets, and tourists spending cash throughout the community.

Locals complain, however, about having to compete with tourists for parking. They say it can be frustrating since many believe if they pay taxes in the town, they deserve the spot in front of their house.

Marilou Halvorsen, a spokesperson for Jenkinson's, says the company is trying to be a good neighbor offering solutions to the problems, but keeps hitting a brick wall in what she calls an "anti-tourism climate." She says the business keeps getting hit from every direction. One candidate running for local office wants local bars to close at midnight, while another is asking that parking on the street be only for residents.

Jenkinson's says it offered to give the police department $40,000 to offset the cost of crowds spilling into the community, but was rejected by the council. It says it also agreed to start a litter patrol on residential streets, but was turned down on that proposal as well.