IRVINGTON - A New Jersey group is planning to march next week to demand an end to alleged police brutality in the wake of the fatal shooting of an unarmed teen in Missouri.

The People's Organization for Progess is planning a march Wednesday in Newark. The march will call for justice for the victims of the alleged brutality, and will also call on the federal government to pursue such cases more vigorously, according to organizers.

Among the participants will be Michele Kamal, of Irvington, who says her son was shot 10 times by police. Her son's estranged wife called 911 and said she was being threatened. Kamal says her son was unarmed at the time.

Also planning to attend the march is Earl Williams, whose son, Earl Faison, was shot 15 years ago. The 27-year-old was beaten and killed by Orange police officers who mistook him for a murder suspect. The officers were convicted in that case.

The march comes amid widespread protests over other incidents involving police shootings. In the Missouri town of Ferguson, the fatal shooting of unarmed teen Michael Brown has ignited protests that have spread to other parts of the country.

Missouri police have said Brown was caught on surveillance video stealing cigars from a store shortly before he was fatally shot by an officer on a street. However, officials have said the officer did not know Brown was suspected in that robbery.

An investigation is underway into Brown's shooting, and the FBI has said it is also examining the case for possible civil rights violations.