IRVINGTON - An Irvington police officer has been suspended without pay following an arrest on weapons charges and police misconduct, officials say.

The officer is accused of standing by and doing nothing while two young women assaulted a 17-year-old girl.

The 40-year-old officer, Herne LaCoste, was off-duty during the incident that allegedly took place in a Raritan parking lot. Police say he was in the company of two 18-year-old women. Police say one of the women, Shanikah Daniels, robbed a 17-year-old girl at gunpoint inside the officer's gray SUV.

The victim was then forced out of the vehicle and allegedly beaten by Daniels and the other suspect, Markeesa Coleman, as Officer LaCoste watched the assault. All three suspects then drove away in the SUV.

Officer LaCoste faces weapons charges and official misconduct. The two women face assault and robbery charges.