PASSAIC - Investigators say they've uncovered a $1 million in counterfeit clothing ring in Passaic.

Authorities say fake designer clothes were being produced inside a warehouse in the 200 block of Fourth Street.

Jaun Ckim, who police say ran the illegal operation, turned himself in to police on the scene.

Investigators removed two large embroidery machines from the factory. They were so heavy, State Police had to use a crane to remove them from the second floor.State Police say some of the goods recovered from the factory include fake Ralph Lauren, Gucci, Lacoste and The North Face brands. At least 20,000 items were recovered.

Detectives executed a search warrant at the business on Thursday. Inside, detectives found the factory, fully operational. About 10 employees, sewing labels on fake designer clothes, were found inside. State Police say they are confident this bust will be a huge setback for counterfeiting in the area.