JERSEY CITY - The investigation into a deadly botched carjacking in Jersey City has gone cold two and half years after the victim was killed.

Jose Pazmino, of Brooklyn, was shot during a carjacking attempt on July 12, 2011. His killers have yet to be caught.

The shooting in the Dunkin’ Donuts parking lot on Tonelle and Manhattan avenues was caught on camera. Hudson County prosecutors say Pazmino stopped on his way home at around 3 a.m. The two men are believed to have used a dark sedan to block Pazmino's escape.

"They weren't able to get the victim's vehicle," says Detective Sgt. Javier Toro, of the Hudson County Prosecutor's Office. "He was locked inside his car. He was trying to get away. When he didn't give up the vehicle, they fired through the door, striking the victim, and then they immediately left the area; leaving the victim in his car."

Pazmino left behind a wife and nine children.

Investigators are looking for new leads to solve the case and bring the killers to justice.