CLIFFSIDE PARK - A homeowner says he watched his house go up in flames on Father's Day and firefighters didn't have enough water to put it out.

Since the fire, neighbors say they've been angry because a fire hydrant on the street had no water. They say firefighters were forced to bring in backup to get water from another hydrant.

A statement from Borough Administer Joe Rutch regarding the fire says: "The Cliffside Park Fire Department responded within minutes to the scene of the house fire on Father's Day. Reports of a service delay is not factual and inconsistent with fire department's call logs. Even with several obstacles including, lower than usual water pressure, and need to address live electrical wires and a natural gas line, the response was done in a timely manner."

United Water insists it takes fire hydrant maintenance very seriously. Hydrants are inspected at least once a year, according to State law. They are checked more often if companies report a problem.Questions emerge following Cliffside Park fire