EDISON - A mom's value is priceless, but if you had to put a dollar value on what she does for her family, her worth would be up this year over last, according to Insure.com's annual Mother's Day Index. 

The website puts out the report each year detailing what a mom would earn based on the jobs they do each and every day, for free.

From driver to cook to housekeeper, moms do it all. The value of the tasks a typical mother does is $62,985, 5 percent more than last year, according to this year's Mother's Day Index.

That yearly "salary" was broken down to include $12,000 for cooking and cleaning and $21,000 for child care. Helping with homework and chauffeur duties also made up a portion of the total. The tally also took into account several miscellaneous chores like shopping, activity planning, and finances.

Insure.com says "mom's value" is based on occupational wages from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and does not include a salary from work outside the home.

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