EDISON - A New Jersey actress famous for her movies in India has died suddenly in Atlantic City.

Aarthi Agarwal died suddenly of a heart attack in Atlantic City, near the family's home, according to her father. She starred in more than 20 films that were popular in the Southern part of India where the Telegu language is spoken.

Raju Sethi of AVS, an Indian entertainment show produced in New Jersey, met Agarwal when she made her first film as a teenager.

"She was absolutely the sweetest, sweetest girl we ever saw," he says. "She was 16 back then when she started, which is really young."

News 12 New Jersey is told Agarwal's life was troubled. She reportedly attempted suicide 10 years ago and battled weight issues. There are reports she recently underwent liposuction.

Agarwal's latest movie was released in India on Friday, a day before her death.