NEW BRUNSWICK - A play opening at the George Street Playhouse gives a whole new meaning to dinner and a show.

"I Loved, I Lost, I made Spaghetti" is a comedy about a woman's quest to win a man's heart through his stomach. It's set in a working kitchen.  

Actress Antoinette LaVecchia makes an Italian dinner, and serves it to members of the audience who sit on stage. The play is adapted from the book and real life story, of Guilia Melucci.

Melucci says her most intimate relationship for a long time, was with food. "I got a lot out of it," she says. "Going to the kitchen was a place of comfort for me and it was a place where it did come out well. The end point was what I wanted it to be, unlike the relationships."

The author says a series of failed relationships made her feel cursed. "Why can't I get this right?" she asked herself. "It's very frustrating when you go through these serial heartbreaks."

Melucci is now happily married and believes she just wasn't ready for the right relationship during all those years. "I think we find what we're looking for," she says.

The play opened Friday at the George Street Playhouse in New Brunswick.