PATERSON - It's been four years since Hurricane Irene hit the region, but in some parts of New Jersey, residents say it feels like yesterday.

Iris and Pablo Vega say floodwater mercilessly flooded their home on Bergen Street in Paterson.

"Mud, dirt, debris, oil from the junkyards," says Iris Vega. "We went through mold, mildew, and I didn't have nowhere to stay, so I ended up staying upstairs with that."

Pablo Vega says he drained his retirement savings to rebuild after the couple received little money from FEMA.

The first floor alone cost $17,000 to repair, he says, and the couple relies heavily on food donations now.

This weekend also marks the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

In New Orleans, the French Quarter has made a complete rebound, according to residents there, but they say the impoverished Ninth Ward has been largely ignored.

Some New Jersey residents say they feel the same about Paterson.

The Vegas say this is a stark contrast to what they saw after Superstorm Sandy.

They say communities on the ocean got lots of aid, but they received very little.