PATERSON - Authorities inspecting a vacant police station in Paterson found the decomposed, skeletal remains of a person Monday.

The remains were found Monday during an inspection of the Washington Street building that served as Paterson Police Headquarters until a fire made it unusable. The location has been boarded up since 1979.

The medical examiner has removed the remains, which have not been identified.

Authorities are trying to identify the person and determine when and how the person died.

Neighbors say that the building is often used by squatters.

“People go back there.  All they’ve got to do is climb the gate,” says resident David Rodriquez.

Other Paterson residents say that they hope the discovery helps bring closure to the family of the deceased.

“I hope if the family is looking for this person they find them quickly so he or she could rest in peace,” says business owner Anna Villalongo.

Anyone who might have information about the body found is asked to contact Paterson police.

The Associated Press wire services contributed to this report.