UNION CITY - The Hudson County Sheriff's Office wants jitney bus drivers to know that they are cracking down on violations after a fatal bus accident Tuesday.

On Thursday afternoon, a bus was pulled over for running a red light on Bergenline Avenue, and the driver was found to have both his commercial and private license suspended. The bus from the St. Jude bus company was impounded.

Other buses were pulled over in the area for other reasons, and citations were issued as appropriate.

Residents say the crackdown can't come soon enough on drivers that seem to care more about making money than the safety of others. "99 out of 100 times, you look at these bus drivers they are on the phone while driving they are fighting among each other for passengers," says Steve Hillis.

Authorities say a jitney bus driver was on his cellphone when he smashed his bus into a light pole that fell on 8-month-old Angelie Paredes, killing her.

Enforcement will continue along Bergenline Avenue, as well as other streets where the jitney buses operate. Residents say the crackdown is long overdue. Officers tell News 12 New Jersey one of their main concerns is clearly drivers on cellphones.