HOWELL - Police say they are searching for a woman that is stealing cash, electronics and other personal items from cars in Howell.

They say the suspect is in her early to mid-20s and has brown hair.Investigators say she can be seen on surveillance video from an Exxon Tiger Mart on Route 9 using a stolen credit card to buy cigarettes. Police say the cashier in the video questioned the card, which had a man's name on it. They say the cashier then asks for ID, which the suspect provided. Cops say the cashier then sold the cigarettes despite threatening to call police. Police say the suspect's car was also captured by a surveillance camera. The cashier says he can't remember the name on the driver's license that was shown to him.Anyone with information is asked to call Detective Anthony Romano with the Howell Police Department 732-938-4575, Ext. 2879