HOWELL TOWNSHIP - Thanks to the generosity of neighbors and businesses, two brothers who were once abandoned have a new family and a new place to call home.

According to police, the boys were routinely locked out of their trailer while their father and stepmother went to work. They were just 8 and 10 at the time.

After the family was evicted on Sept. 23, the parents packed their belongings, took an 18-month-old girl they share with them, but left the boys behind to fend for themselves.

A neighbor took the boys in along with her own family - including three children of her own - but state authorities said her trailer was too small. She was told that the boys would be removed and put into foster care if she couldn't find a larger home.

Their story quickly spread, and neighbors and local businesses came together to raise the money needed to purchase, fix up and furnish a used mobile home for the entire family.

The new and more spacious place will make it much easier to keep everyone together.

The boys, now 9 and 10, moved in with the woman they call "mom" and her family on Christmas Day. Volunteers and neighbors who helped them out gathered for a special homecoming celebration today welcoming the boys to their new home.

According to their mom, the boys are extremely happy and relieved to finally have a home and a loving family.

Meanwhile, the boy's father and stepmother are in jail, and the toddler has been placed with relatives.