LACEY TOWNSHIP - Lacey Township officials are investigating after a hoverboard caused a house fire in the Lanoka Harbor section of town.

This is the first known incident of a hoverboard causing extensive damage to a home in New Jersey.

Kim Whalen says that her son Craig received the item as a Christmas gift. She says that the incident happened about 15 minutes after Craig plugged it in to charge.

"I was looking at the board and heard little sparks and I saw it and screamed,” she says. “[My other son] came running and it just exploded."

Whalen’s son Tyler came with a fire extinguisher and put the fire out. There was damage to the surrounding area of the home. All that’s left of the hoverboard are bits of charred metal and plastic.

The Ocean County Fire Marshal's office is trying to track down the board’s manufacturer. They are having a hard time doing so because there isn’t any contact information on the box or instructions.

Whalen says she won’t be buying her son another hoverboard. Craig Whalen says he doesn’t even want other kids to have one.

“I don't want theirs to blow up,” he says.

Hoverboards are motorized, two-wheel, skateboard-sized scooters that users stand on and have been a popular gift this holiday season. The devices are banned from airlines and have reportedly caused fires all over the country.