HAMPTON - Homeowners eager to rebuild after their house exploded in Hampton three weeks ago say the investigation into the incident is taking too long.

Police say a propane leak caused the explosion that killed 56-year-old Deborah “Jess” Smith, a family friend who was staying with homeowner Rob Tulley. Authorities believe Smith survived the initial blast, but died in the subsequent fire.

The Tulley family says a private insurance investigator won't let them clear the debris until the investigation is over.

"My father lost everything…everything he ever worked for,” said Tully’s son. “He wakes up every morning and looks at his rubble and he's being held up by people who won’t show up."

They say they've been told that the investigation should wrap up by early October.

News 12 was told by the private fire investigator that he could not comment on the investigation. He did say he plans on contacting the Tulleys on Monday.