RIDGEWOOD - Homeowners in Ridgewood along the Ho-Ho-Kus Brook say that the banks of the brook constantly overflow since the water is full of debris.

Neighbors say the brook has been overflowing its banks more and more often since Hurricane Floyd dumped trees and other debris into it in 1999.

With more precipitation in the forecast, those along the river are worried about additional flooding. Homeowners are now asking the government for help in cleaning the area out.

After touring the area, local, state, and federal officials are now looking at options for fixing the problem. In the short-term, they want to clean out the brook. As for the long-term, they could consider dredging it or rerouting it. However, with finances tight, officials are not promising a major overhaul anytime soon.

State Sen. Kevin O'Toole (R-N.J.) says the government may eventually create a buyout program for homeowners who can't sell their houses because of the flooding problem.