NEWARK - Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson is calling for more training for officers of the Transportation Security Administration after a report that TSA agents failed 95 percent of undercover security tests.

A Department of Homeland Security "Red Team" went undercover at various airports in the United States and were able to sneak fake bombs and weapons past TSA 67 out of 70 times.

Secretary Johnson says he has ordered TSA leadership to revise standard operating prosecutors to address the weaknesses. He has also ordered new training for all security officers in airports across the country.

He says security equipment should also be retested to make sure it is in peak working condition.

In April, President Barack Obama named Peter Neffenger as his nominee for the next leader of the TSA. Secretary Johnson says that he urges the Senate to confirm this nomination as soon as possible.

The Department of Homeland Security has not said if Newark Liberty International Airport was one of the places where the tests occurred.