NEWARK - Just in time for the holidays, a Newark family has been reunited for the first time in months. Staff Sgt. Adam Johnson surprised his children at Raphael Hernandez School in Newark.

Johnson returned home a week early from his deployment in Afghanistan and he and his wife wanted to plan something special for their children, Tyreek, 13, Tyler, 11, and Talya, 5. So they worked out the special surprise with the school.

Johnson showed up at the school dressed as Santa. His children thought they were lining up for a family photo until they realized it was their father in Santa's clothing.

Johnson is scheduled to be re-deployed on Dec. 27. His wife tells News 12 New Jersey he earned a Purple Heart after his vehicle blew up and he pulled fellow soldiers to safety. He suffered a brain injury, but is now fully recovered. EXTENDED VIDEO: Soldier returns home early to surprise kids at school

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