WALL TOWNSHIP - Home energy audits are helping many homeowners find ways to cut costs and warm up cold areas of their homes.

Ann and Thomas Bates brought in an auditor to try and figure out what was making their son's bedroom cold. Glenn, 7, has been sleeping in flannel pajamas with a space heater to keep warm.

The team with New Jersey Natural Gas found heat escaping into the attic. They installed a "blower door" that de-pressurizes the house so a thermal imaging camera can be used. The team uses infrared technology to pinpoint where heat is escaping.

In Glenn's room, the bottom of this wall was the problem. "The fix is here on the exterior of the home," says John Chussler, of New Jersey Natural Gas. "They need to remove the soffit, seal the leaks, then insulate."

The Bates also wanted to reduce their monthly gas bills. Addressing leaks and installing a new furnace, windows, siding or roof can help cut costs.

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