NORTH ARLINGTON - The Holy Cross Mausoleum will be the largest in the United States, and will include 90 pieces of art worth millions of dollars.

The Bergen County structure is currently undergoing a major $18 million expansion. When completed, the mausoleum will house 35,747 available spaces.

The newly renovated area has crypts covered in marble and already has two hand-made glass and stone mosaics depicting the Book of Genesis.

The mosaics are two of six pieces of art to be installed. All are made by a company in Beverly Hills and use 1,700 different colors.

The new section of the building also contains shrines salvaged from a church in Vailsburg that was forced to shut down.

Holy Cross is run by the Archdiocese of Newark. Joe Verzi, assistant director of Catholic Cemeteries, says the expansion is needed as more people are turning to mausoleums as their final resting place.

Church officials say 270,000 have been interred at Holy Cross Cemetery since it was built in 1915.