HOBOKEN - A surge in parking tickets is bringing a surplus of cash to the city of Hoboken.

Residents say legal parking is difficult to find in their city and feel there simply aren't enough spaces.

New data shows 127,500 tickets were written in 2013. That is up from 103,000 in 2012, or $1 million in added revenue.

Cars can be found double-parked on Washington Street. On side streets, many park in red zones or within the 25 feet from corners, which is an offense that can cause a serious safety issue.

Veronica Gonzalez says illegally parking is a way of life in Hoboken. "There's no other way," she says. "If you need to run into a quick place, you know, there's times that you have to park at a yellow line or at a fire hydrant."

Ben Rotondi, who was parked illegally as he spoke to News 12 New Jersey, says he isn't surprised about the increased number of tickets written last year. "It's a game, you run in, you get caught or you run in and don't get caught," he says. "That's the way it is."

Mayor Dawn Zimmer says enforcement is necessary to keep pedestrians safe and also to make way for firetrucks.  "Prior to our late night enforcement, firetrucks often had to make multiple turns to get past cars parked too close to the corners," she says.

Most of the money collected from tickets goes to a general city fund, but $11.50 from each ticket also goes to the state.