HOBOKEN - In a city where parking is at a premium, the rules against illegal parking in Hoboken have been slightly relaxed.

The mayor and city council have decided to give a generous warning before cars are given wheel locks.

New stickers are being placed on car windows warning drivers to move their car in 72 hours or get the boot. Previously, there was no warning. 

Drivers say finding a boot will ruin anyone's day. 

"It's horrible," says Jay Geldziler. "You gotta pay the fine and call up and get a code to unlock the boot."

Along with a ticket, drivers parked illegally will have to pay $200 or more to free their car. But some drivers, including Geldziler, think 72 hours might be a little too long to give drivers to move.

"I could see maybe 24 hours, but I don't know about 72 hours," he says. He points out that those cars are taking a space from someone who lives there and pays for a permit. 

The ordinance will help the outsiders, like contractors, who come to residential streets and work inside homes for several hours at a time. Frequently, they walk back outside and find a ticket on their windows and a boot on their wheels.

Jeff Malfetti owns a painting business, and says the customers end up paying for those tickets.