HOBOKEN - The city of Hoboken, which is no stranger to flooding and states of emergency, is not taking any chances when it comes to preparing for the possible impact of Tropical Storm Hermine.

The biggest concern in the city is whether the impending storm will bring heavy rainfall and whether storm drains will be able to handle the massive amounts of water and prevent flooding.

To help alleviate those concerns, a brand-new pump station at Washington and 11th streets is ready to be tested this weekend.

Low-lying areas of Hoboken such as Madison Street are highly prone to flooding. City Hall is urging residents to remove their cars from the streets before the storm arrives. Yellow barricades are positioned on certain street corners so that when the time comes, Department of Public Works crews can shut down impacted streets.

While the city prepares for the worst, some residents told News 12 New Jersey that they were not overly concerned about Hermine.