HOBOKEN - A Garden State city has been named one of the top 10 cities for new college graduates, and those who live there couldn't agree more.

Livability.com ranked Hoboken sixth on its list. Criteria used in the rankings included rental vacancy, public transportation users and the number of bars and restaurants.

Victor Jalinos has been a real estate broker for 13 years. He says apartments like the ones at Eighth and Washington streets are popular for college grads because they are close to the PATH, the ferry and shops.

Jalinos says young adults enjoy the Hoboken lifestyle and lower costs compared to New York. "They can kind of still have that same kind of living, plus they have opportunity to apply for jobs in Hoboken and Manhattan," he says.

The website also praised the city for its walkability.

Residents agree that Hoboken has a lot to offer new grads. "Close to the city, parks, restaurants," says Brandon Kinney.

Jessica Valez lives in Hoboken but commutes to Brooklyn. "It is a little bit of a commute every day, but it's beautiful," she says. "Look at the skyline, you know the parks and everything."

Hoboken was the only New Jersey city to make the list. Cambridge, Mass. outside of Boston was listed in the top spot.