HOBOKEN - Hoboken police say that they are cracking down after a recent rise in bicycle thefts.

Police say that there have been more than 100 thefts this year, with most of them in the past two months.

“It’s very quick and unless you’re there present to witness it, it’s tough to catch,” says Hoboken Police Sgt. Edgardo Cruz.

At least seven bike thieves have been caught in the act of stealing over the last few weeks, according to Hoboken police.

Chief Ken Ferrante says that bicycle owners should keep their bikes inside when they are not being ridden and owners should consider using better locks.

“We have some $1,500 bikes being chained up with a couple dollar bike chain,” he says. “Bike advocates say that a U-lock is the best and to secure it in two spots on the bike.”

Police also suggest registering the bicycle with a national registry to help recover it if it is stolen.