HOBOKEN - Hoboken police have arrested 12 people, including 10 juveniles, for allegedly stealing dozens of bicycles across the city in a matter of weeks.

Police say that two groups of alleged thieves were caught late Monday night. Police received a call of an attempted burglary on Clinton Street and apparently found a group trying to steal a bike from a garage. They apparently had other stolen bikes with them at the time, according to police.

Another group was found attempting to steal a bicycle a few blocks away, according to police. Officials believe the two groups are connected and could be part of a bigger bicycle-theft ring.

Most of the people who were arrested are from New Jersey, except for a 15-year-old from the Bronx and a 13-year-old from Philadelphia. 

One of the teens arrested is also wanted in Florida for allegedly assaulting his pregnant mother, according to police. He will be extradited back to that state.

The other juveniles were released to their parents.

Police say that an officer was hurt when making the arrests. He was hit by a car after a suspect pushed him into the street, according to police. He is expected to be OK.

Hoboken officials are warning all city residents to make sure that their bikes are locked up with tough, secure locks or kept inside their homes.