HOBOKEN - Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer is running for a second term against two challengers on Election Day, and her campaign says voters may be harder to come by this year.

Assemblyman Ruben Ramos and Councilman Tim Occhipinti are also vying for the job, and Zimmer says the challenge is getting voters to understand the importance of local elections.

"It's always a challenge to make sure that people understand that really the local elections, as far as your everyday quality of life, those things all tie to local elections," Zimmer says.

With the gubernatorial race in New Jersey expected to be lopsided, the candidates for mayor of Hoboken have to consider local turnout.

"We don't think we're affected here in the city because we're going to get our vote out anyways," says Occhipinti. "We have means to do that, social media, Twitter."

News 12 New Jersey requested an interview with Assemblyman Ramos for this report but did not hear back.

Polls open across the state Tuesday at 6 a.m.