HOBOKEN - The mayor of Hoboken is warning city residents to be prepared for New Jersey's impending bad weather.

"We're very concerned about a potential 1-2 punch," says Mayor Dawn Zimmer.

A nor'easter is expected to bring heavy rains and potential flooding to New Jersey Friday, and meteorologists are tracking Hurricane Joaquin out in the Atlantic and its potential threat to the state.

Hoboken has often had flooding problems, and the city was greatly affected when Superstorm Sandy came to New Jersey. Since Sandy, a flood mitigation project has been underway in Hoboken to alleviate some of the problem, but it is not yet complete.

Mayor Zimmer says that she is not taking any chances this time around, and city employees are already preparing for the heavy rain.

Barricades have already been positioned in flood-prone areas of Hoboken, and vehicles are being moved to higher ground.

"We're implementing our public safety and CERT teams, and a sheltering system is in place," says the mayor. "We're getting everything prepared."

Generators have also been installed outside the public safety buildings, and new vehicles equipped to transverse floodwater are on standby.